Thursday, November 25, 2010

App Sync 4.2 Updated for iOS 4.2.1 Compability to Install Cydia Apps on Jailbroken Apps on iPhone, iPod Touch

You can now Install new Cydia Apps on Jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch with AppSync 4.2. AppSyns has been updated to support and Install Apps on your device. What AppSync do is that it patch Mobile Installation file on iOS which is required to install .ipa files manually using iTunes..

Your iPhone and uPod Touch should already be jailbroken to Install AppSync 4.2 on your Phone.So if you want to Install AppSync 4.2 on your device than here is the Guide for you.Just follow these simple steps and you'll Install Appsync 4.2 correctly:


Step 1: Run Cydia on your "iPhone"

Step 2: Now go to "Manage">"Sources".

Step 3: Now in Sources select "Edit" and the Select "Add"

Step 4:  Now Type” and Click on "Add Source" and then Cydia will automatically update your sources

Step 5: Search for "AppSync" for OS 4.2.1 in Cydia and install it. This app will automatically patch mobileinstallation file on your iPhone or iPod touch running firmware 4.2.1.

So these were the simple steps you have to do to Install AppSync 4.2 on your Device, and now you'll be able  to Install .Ipa Files  on your Device manually.

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