Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guide: How to Remove Error 1013 while Updating to iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone.

Lot's of people are facing this Problem i.e Error 1013 on iTunes with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. When the Device is put to Update iTunes do everything correctly but something in the middle of that goes wrong while in Recovery Mode and Shows the "Error 1013". Well it's not a Problem anymore we have a guide to fix that,Just follow these simple steps and you won't see this error again.

Step 1: Download iRecovery for whichever platform you are on,
Step 2: Open command prompt on windows or Terminal on Mac OS X and type “./irecovery -s”. This will allow you to enter the interactive recovery mode shell of your iOS device
Step 3: Once you see the “]” prompt, type “setenv auto-boot 1″ and press enter.
Step 4: Then type “saveenv” and press enter again.
Step 5: Then finally, type “reboot”, and press enter once more.

Notcom has suggested: If you have an iPhone 4 and don’t care about BB update, Advanced -> Uncheck ‘Set Hosts to Cydia’ Your restore will now not end in 10XX
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