Friday, November 26, 2010

iPad 2 will Support FaceTime, Retina Display, USB and Gyrscope?? [Rumor]

There are lots of Rumor about the new iPad 2. People are saying that iPad two might also have two cameras and it will support FaceTime, Secondly the Retina Display will also hit iPad 2, also some rumors are that it will have 3-axis gyroscope and a USB support. Well all of these are Rumors about this New tablet. A Chinese language newspaper is reporting industry sources who claim Apple will add five new features to iPad 2:

  • Video phone
  • New display technology
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 'Better mobility'
  • USB

People are so Eager about iPad two and waiting for it's Specs to be released, but these were some amazing Rumors we got from our surrounding.
Retina Display, 3-axis gyroscope, USB Support and FaceTime these are all amazing things if iPad 2 could carry it. Retina Display will be more fun when it will be used with iPad, an awesome Display with a big screen, 3-x Gyroscope also makes it more powerful and fun to use. The new thing in iPad 2 will be the  micro-USB port vice the standard Apple 30-pin dock connector.

We have to wait until the real news come out and all the Specs are released Officially.

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