Monday, November 29, 2010

An Updated Version of TinyUmbrella will be Coming soon.

Notcom iPhone Dev-Team hacker and Developer has something new to tell us about TinyUmbrella. He have Posted a tweet on twitter telling about making some changes to TinyUmbrella to make it more convenient for users. For those who don't know about TinyUmbrella, TinyUmbrella lets you save SHSH blobs to be able to downgrade your iOS device to older firmware.

TinyUmbrella-Notcom Tweet
I'm making some significant changes to the way TinyUmbrella handles saved SHSHs.New core will be able to handle significantly more SHSHs
This means that notcom has started working on bringing these new changes to TinyUmbrella, and he'll soon change the Core of TinyUmbrella to handle more SHSHs and Significantly. Maybe we see these changes in Tiny Umbrella Soon.

Many people have countered problems in saving their SHSHs in TinyUmbrella saying that TinyUmbrella lags when there are too many SHSH are saved in it.

I have 450+ SHSH in my TinyUmbrella, it is lagging every time i connect a new device and now it does not even run V4.21.01 Thanx!
An iPhone user wrote this problem to notcom and in reply to that Notcom wrote that:

I'm makin some significant changes to the backened logic to support hundreds of thousands of shshs.
This made confirm that notcom has something new about TinyUmbrella and soon he'll fix these problems.

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