Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alternate UI for Windows Phone 7 will soon be avalable - Hacker working on it!

Julien Schapman, who created TouchXperience for Windows Mobile 6.5, is working on brining his creation to Windows Phone 7.
He is promising to bring custom menus, widgets, interactive backgrounds, custom launchers and much more to Windows phone 7.
All of that obviously requires pretty low access to Windows Phone 7, confining his work to “jailbroken” devices, and I suspect he will find a much smaller market for his creation on Windows phone 7, simply because the user interface is already pretty good

If you’re coming from Windows Phone 6.5, you may recall a project called TouchXperience,It took years to develop  a home screen replacement project that promised highly customizable features and fancy animations. Many Onlookers were disinterested with this on attaining the next generation of Windows Phone. So Julien Schapman, has apparently decided to focus his efforts on recreating TouchXperience for Windows Phone 7.
TouchXperience is an “alternative UI” for Windows Phone 7. This might Boost many new featyures in Windows Phone 7.Since Microsoft doesn’t allow custom interface replacements on Windows Phone 7, TouchXperience will likely be accessed through a tile from the Start screen, similar to HTC Hub.

Check out the the video Showing the TouchXperience (Alternative UI):

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