Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hack Airplay to Stream Videos on your MAC from iPhone and iPod Touch

AirPlay is a very cool technology. Unfortunately, if you don't own an Apple TV 2 or other capable receiving device, it's not going to do you much good. Many People likes Airplay but most of them doesn't have an Apple Tv 2, and rely on their iPhone and PC etc. So there's a good news for those people, Erica Sadun has worked hard to Hack iOS 4.2's Airplay feature, and has been succesfull in this task. So Erica has created an App called as "AirPlayer" which will allow you to  to stream videos from iPhone or iPad to the Mac.

What AirPlayer does is create and advertise a custom Bonjour AirPlay service that pretends to be an Apple TV. Bonjour is Apple’s zero configuration networking solution for allowing devices and applications to communicate with each other over local area networks. When Apple created AirPlay, it basically set up a new way for Apple TV to interact with iOS using Bonjour communications.
She’s not a Windows dev but says in theory the same thing should be possible on that platform and perhaps Linux as well.This is an great App for your MAC yes.. that's right it's not necessary that your device should be jailbroken, It runs on MAC not on iPhone or iPod Touch.
 But if  if you’re not Jailbroken and running AirVideoEnabler you’ll be limited to YouTube and iPod/Videos for your streaming (AirVideoEnabler lets 3rd party apps stream AirPlay video as well).
By interacting with iOS devices the same way that Apple TV does and providing the same kinds of services and feedback, AirPlayer allows you to use your iDevice's built in AirPlay support to send video to your Mac. You can download an ad-supported extremely alpha version from here.

Check out the Teaser Video of AirPlayer, Streaming Videos on MAC:

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