Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iPad 2 would have Smaller Bezel, Flat Back, and Wide-Range Speaker? [Rumor]

According to Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara, the next-gen iPad will have a flatter backside and smaller bezel compared to the original iPad. The "iPad 2" will also have a larger "wide-ranged speaker" located behind a mesh speaker grille. MacOtakara notes that their Chinese source has told them the next iPad will be three millimeters smaller than the original, but the display will stay the same size. That means the bezel surrounding the iPad's display should shrink substantially. The rear case has been flattened to be more like an iPod touch.
MacOtakara's source claims production of the iPad 2 has already begun, with orders scheduled to begin shipping to Apple by mid to late January. This aligns well with an earlier iPad 2 shipping date rumor from Digitimes. MacOtakara also notes that, while "unreliable information," the next iPad may have both front- and rear-facing cameras, with the rear-facing camera having the same resolution as the iPhone 4.

AppleInsider says according to the source, "the LCD screen on the next-generation iPad will stay the same size, while the new tablet will be 3mm smaller, reportedly measuring 239mm by 186mm. The current iPad, which measures 242.8 mm by 189.7 mm, was criticized for its wide bezel when it was first unveiled in January."
The changes would be welcome by some as it addresses a couple of criticisms of the original iPad design. The outer plastic bezel surrounding the LCD screen of the iPad was seen as excessively large by some. The new design would address this by slightly narrowing this bezel by 3x3mm. The final design is said to retain the same size LCD screen but the overall unit is claimed to measure 239 mm by 186 mm as compared to the current iPad's size of 242.8 mm x 189.7 mm. Next, the back of the iPad is reported to be "flat like an iPod Touch" which would allow the new iPad to sit flat on a desk surface. The current iPad has a rounded back.

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