Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nexus S Tear Down Reveals : No Curved display and Hidden SD card

Google Nexus S made available for public yesterday, ifixit has got their hands on the new Nexus S and tore it down into pieces, the key points what they found while tearing down the Nexus S was that it doesn’t have any curved touchscreen display, only the front panel glass is curved. The rest Touchscreen panel is same like other smartphones. The memory card is not soldered on to the phone’s motherboard, unlike many of the Windows Phone 7 devices out there instead it’s a NAND flash chip which is of course.

Android Central focused on the key elements of the total tear down, they are as follows:

  • Only the front glass panel is curved, the rest of the touchscreen components are flat as usual.
  • It’s using the same low-power Broadcomm BCM4329GKUBG WiFi chip as the third generation iPod Touch.
  • The internal storage is a SanDisk SDIN4C2 16GB MLC NAND flash chip, so there’s none of that soldered in SDcard monkey business we’ve seen with other recent devices.
  • The front facing camera (640×480) and the rear 5MP camera share the same connector and are essentially one unit
You can check the whole tear down of nexus at source site [ifixit]

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