Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apple's Patent Antenna Apple Better Reception

According to reports Apple is working on an Antenna that will make the Reception better,Patent Antenna will be putted behind the Apple logo to Increase the Signal capacity and iPhone , iPod Touch, iPad have more stronger Signals than before. With this new Antenna strong metals and walls may also doesn't affect the Signals. This has been discovered by Patently Apple.

Apple Pantent Antenna

But this isn't an easy task as it looks:

The Problem:

It could be difficult to incorporate antennas successfully into an electronic device. Some electronic devices are manufactured with small form factors, so space for antennas is limited. Antenna operation could also be blocked by intervening metal structures. This could make it difficult to implement an antenna in an electronic device that contains conductive display structures, conductive housing walls, or other conductive structures that could potentially block radio-frequency signals.

Apple's Solution:

Apple's solution involves logo antennas for electronic devices such as the MacBook and iPhone. The housing may contain conductive sidewalls. For example, the housing may be formed from a machined block of aluminum or other metals. The walls of the housing may be used to hold conductive components such as displays. Integrated circuits and other electronic components may be mounted within the housing.

To clarify, Apple's patent confirms that logo antennas may be formed in electronic devices such as desktop computers, portable computers such as laptop computers and tablet computers and in handheld electronic devices such as cellular telephones. But they don't limit themselves to their current round of products. Apple also includes possible future ultraportable devices which they list as being netbooks, wrist-watches, pendants, headphone/earpieces and other wearable devices.

You can read everthing else about this in the link given below.

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