Friday, December 24, 2010

VLC Mediaplayer for Android will be releasing in Early 2011

The VLC media player is a popular open source app for Mac, Windows, Linux, and even iOS. The best thing about VLC is that it’s capable of handling almost any video format you can throw at it without breaking a sweat — although the iOS version is limited by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad hardware, making HD video playback difficult. Still, I can’t help but be a little excited that the developers are working on a version of VLC for Google Android. VLC Media Player app for iPhone and iPad is already available and now even Android users can enjoy VLC  media player on their smartphone because VLC media player app for Android is expected to launch in early 2011.

The team behind the popular open source video player VLC is busy working on an Android app, which could be released in early 2011. Lead VLC developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf told me on Thursday that it will be “a matter of weeks” until the release of the first VLC app for Android-based mobile devices.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, head developer on the project, revealed Thursday that his group has made significant headway in getting video and audio to properly output on Android devices. There's still a lot of coding to be done in order to ensure compatibility with so many different Android handsets.

The new Android app could be available for download within the next few weeks. Early development was apparently difficult because Android’s multimedia output libraries were written in Java, but Google recently released tools that let the VLC team write native code for Android.

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Source: GigaOM


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