Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guide How to: Access PlayStation Network (PSN) on Jailbreak Firmware 3.55

Sony has released a new firmware 3.56 for PlayStation 3 to Patch and block all Jailbreak and Hombrew Apps of PlayStation 3. All those who have Jailbroken their PS3 on Firmware 3.55 can’t access their PS3 Network (PSN). However, there seems to be a way to bypass this recent firmware update and access PlayStation Network as well as play online games without actually updating to 3.56 firmware. So you can maintain your Jailbreak on FW 3.55 and also access the PSN.

The method use to access PSN (PlayStation Network) is known as “DNS Method” and soon Sony will patch this Method but for now you can enjoy this method on your jailbroken PS3 Firmware 3.55.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: On your PlayStation 3, go to Settings > Network Settings.

Step 2: Select Internet Connection Settings and press OK.

Step 3: Choose Custom option. Then pick your connection method (wireless or wired) and follow onscreen instructions.

Step 4: Once you reach DNS setting, select Manual and enter the following:
Step 5: Proceed further and save settings at the end

Step 6: Now test your connection. it may take time to sign in so be patient. You’ll see Succeeded in front of PlayStation Network during the test. Thats it! Sign-in and access all the PSN functions as well as play your favorite games online.

(*NOTE: It is advised to stay off PSN if you are running a jailbroken firmware 3.55 since Sony can easily detect it and ban you from PSN if they want!)

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