Monday, January 17, 2011

Guide: How to Exit from DFU Mode or Fix the Blackscreen on iOS 4.2.1 [4 Steps]

DFU mode is a special mode in the Apple's iDevices, it often be used as a last resort when your iDevices does not work in recovery mode. This tutorial will show you how to exit DFU mode in 4 steps.

You'll first need to download the following:

Latest Version of iTunes [Download Link]
iOS 4.2.1    [Download Link]

DFU mode is short for the Device Firmware Update. You can use this mode on the iOS devices as a last resort when your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch does not work in recovery mode. DFU mode also be used to install and update the firmware manually. And this tutorial will tell you how to exit the DFU mode in only 4 steps.

How to Fix DFU Mode in Four Steps:

Step 1:

Locate the "Power" button, which at the top right of Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and it is next to the sim card slot.

Step 2:

Locate the "Home" button, it is at the bottom center of Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Step 3:

Hold the "Power" and "Home" button for five seconds, then release them.

Step 4:

The iPhone will be shut down and reboot into normal automatically, if that is not working, try the step 3 again.

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