Friday, January 7, 2011

Jailbroken PS3 Firmware v3.55 running Homebrew [Teaser Video]

GeoHot has just updated his site and this time he has post a video to his YouTube channel showing Jailbroken PS3 FW v3.55 running Homebrew. He demonstrates in a video jailbreaking / homebrew on a v3.55 console.

In the video GeoHot first enabled the Install PKG feature with Lv2diag.self. He then signs his own (NPDRM) SELF file and packaging it into a retail PKG (with no signature). Then he patches a file on the flash (NAS Plugin) so that it ignores the PKG’s signature. The patch allows the homebrew to install, which then can be run from the XMB.

Here is the video of Geohot Jailbreaking/Homebrew on 3.55 Console:

Geohot has not mentioned the release date of this tool but it will be soon release.

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