Saturday, January 1, 2011

List of Mobile Phones expected to be released in CES 2011

There are lots of rumors of many Phones to be released in CES 2011. We have here a list of those phones which were rumored and expected to be released in CES 2011.  Almost all of the phones that are rumored to be released are Android Based. Google's OS (Android) is getting more and more famous day by day. Now most of the Mobile manufacturers depends on google's Android OS. Android is now as famous as iOS. CES 2011 has lot's of surprise to reveal, such as these Mobile Phone which are rumored. So we have to wait CES to held, and the real news come out.Chech the list of rumored Mobile Phones after the break

Motorola Olympus - It's unclear if Motorola, Google, or Verizon will officially unveil this dual-core Tegra 2 based monster of a phone. With the recently (controlled) leaked images, it's hard to say we won't see some of Motorola's powerful new device at CES.


LG "2X" or "Speed" - LG's carrier affiliation for this dual core Tegra 2 phone is currently unknown but it's shown up in several videos around the net with impressive responsiveness we can only expect from dual-core gear. If LG has plans to bring this handset to the US market, it's fair to say we'll see an announcement at CES.

HTC DROID Incredible HD - Verizon's direct competitor to Sprint's EVO 4G brings a 4.3 inch touch screen with a more typical resolution (800x480) than their DROID X (854x480) whose aspect ratio has been known to cause issues in some games. We expect the new generation Snapdragon chipset with the improved Adreno 205 GPU also seen in the G2 and myTouch 4G. to be a major improvement over the DROID X. It's worth mentioning possible LTE 4G support on Verizon's network.

EVO Shift 4G - Sprint's next iteration or expansion of the EVO branding brings a horizontal slide-out qwerty keyboard along with the same updated Snapdragon chipset that we expect in the DROID Incredible HD. It makes use of HTC's Sense which can be either good or bad depending on who your asking and will, of course ship with Sprint's WiMAX network support.

Motorola Cliq 2 - We can't say we're excited to see the Cliq branding living on, the original Cliq was generally considered underpowered and mediocre hardware doesn't help gaming. Don't expect any benchmark records broken here; it's probably just as low end as the original with MOTO's skin.

So which phone do you expect to release at CES 2011?

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