Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon's Media Event Today - Will iPhone be Launched?

Verizon Media Event will held today at 11am Eastern in New York. There were lots of rumors from the past few days about releasing of Verizon's iPhone at this Conference, and iPhone is still expected to be Announced today at this Event.

According to MacRumors:
AT&T is predicted to be the biggest loser coming out of the event. Analysts believe that AT&T could lose millions of customers to Verizon during 2011. Losses will be tempered by the 2 year contracts that most iPhone 4 users signed in mid-2010. AT&T claims to be preparing for a fight with plans to run new ads to emphasize their network's benefits.
One frequently cited advantage of AT&T's network over Verizon's is the ability to connect both Voice and Data simultaneously. Apple and AT&T even highlighted this feature in several television ads in 2010. While there had been rumors that such a feature might be deployed on Verizon's network as well, there's been no indication that it will be ready in time for today's launch.
This release is so much important for Verizon as in the U.S.for the first time there will be multiple carriers offering the iPhone to customers. Plus it might also slow down the growth of Android Phones behind 'cause of their sale.According to Analysts "the iPhone will significantly cannibalize sales of competing models on Verizon's network."
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Source: MacRumors


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