Thursday, January 6, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Updates Coming Soon, Including Copy/Paste Option & More Tweaks

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has given some information about the new Updates that are going to be released for Windows Phone 7. According to him the new Updates for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will be released in early 2011, And this would be the major update for the phones. Ballmer put a light on all these at  last night’s keynote. He didn't gave us the exact date for the update to release but he said "in the next few months."

But the good news is we can know about this new update from the link we found:
This will be the first Update release of Microsoft’s new mobile OS, other than Copy/Paste it will have some more great features in the new update including improved speed throughout the operating system,faster app and game start-up times, improved MarketPlace search, and other general tweaks.

We'll update you more on this News, Stay tuned with us!

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