Thursday, February 24, 2011

Android Activations/ Evolution Around the world [Infographic Video]

After the release of Apple iOS, Google released their own Operating System known as "Android". And then after Android released most of the Mobile Manufacturers started adopting Google's Android as OS in their Mobile Phone. Android then started getting fame, and then became the popular Operating System after iOS. Android started spreading like a fire firsts hit the U.S then Europe and then the Whole world.

Android has now reached almost 300,000 activations per day generally making it the preferred smartphone platform. Android Developers have posted a video infographic on their YouTube channel visualizing the evolution of the activations from the early launch days until the year 2011.

Google's Android dominated both CES and MWC Events with it's large number of Phones. Google is expanding Android more and more as they release the Android Honeycomb for Tablets.

You can see in the Video below how fast and how much Google Android has been activated and evolved:

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