Saturday, February 5, 2011

AppCleaner for MAC OS X - Simply Remove, Delete Apps Completely [Guide, How to]

Here is a handy App called AppCleaner for Mac OS X users which will completely remove and delete Apps from the OS X. Removing Apps in Mac OS X is not as easy as it should be. Whenever you drag an App to trash it will delete the App but it’s associated files will remain on the hard drive. Some apps include an uninstaller to take care of these files. Somehow many apps don’t have uninstaller, So AppCleaner is a very efficient App for deleting and removing apps from the Mac OS X.
How To: Remove, Delete Apps Completely in Mac OS X using AppCleaner:

Step1: Download and install AppCleaner from here.
Step2: Open AppCleaner and drag apps that you wish to Delete / Remove completely.

Step3: After dragging, AppCleaner will display all files associated with that App, Uncheck any files you wish not to remove. then click “delete”

Step4: Type your administrator password and then click OK. At this point the files have not been deleted from the Computer but have moved to Trash. Open Trash and click Empty at top right of it. And your are good to go with your free Hard drive space.

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