Saturday, February 26, 2011

Developers can now Upload Upto 100 Free Apps to Windows Phone MarketPlace

When Microsoft has started their MarketPlace and invited all the developers to Upload their Apps to MarketPlace, they put a condition over uploading apps to WP7 Market place i.e Developers can only upload upto 5 Free apps and if they want to submit more apps developers have to pay $20 for each submission of Apps. But now Microsoft has lifted this Condition from their Marketplace and now Developers can submit upto 100 Apps for free.

During the past months we have been working hard to improve our overall Windows Phone Marketplace experience based on the feedback we recieved from you and our partners. We heard from many of you that you wanted a higher limit on the maximum number of free apps you could submit for free.
We've heard you and are pleased to announce that we've increase that limit from 5 to 100.
As written above Microsoft has lifted this condition because they wasn't getting a good feedback from their developers and partners, and in reaction to that Microsoft increased the limit from 5 to 100. Now developers have lots of space to upload their apps without worrying about added costs. 

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