Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guide: How to Unlock Motorola Xoom Bootloader [Get Access to the Root]

Motorola Xoom is right now available in the BestBuy, it was released a week ago.This new Tablet is featuring Android's Honeycomb Operating System. It has got so many new features as compared to iPad or other Tablets. The Good news is that an XDA Member has now successfully Unlocked this tablet, so this simply means with this Unlock you can get access to Flash Custom ROM or Root of the device. We have posted a guide below that will help you to get access to the root of this Tablet.

Guide: How to Unlock Motorola Xoom BootLoader:

Read the Following before you Proceed:
The following procedure will VOID your warranty but will easily unlock the Xoom for fast software flashes using a custom recovery and will allow flashing root files or manipulated system files on to your current software installation.. Proceed at your own risk. is not liable responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.


*Note* – This uses adb.  If you are into hacking on your Android devices at all, it’s time you learn at least some basic commands.  Not everything in this world is a 1-click breeze.

Get the newest Android SDK and install it.

Motorola Drivers should be installed on your computer. Make sure you download the drivers according to your computer OS type.

Steps to take:

Step 1: First of all Poweroff your Motorola Xoom Tablet.

Step 2: Press and hold the Volume Down button while pressing the Power button until the device boots into fastboot mode.

Step 3:  Now connect your Xoom to computer via USB connection.

Step 4:  On your computer, launch “Command Prompt” and type the following:
fastboot oem unlock
Step 5: After you've read the Warning Message on your Tablet Screen, Press the VolumeUp Button if you wish to proceed.

You Tablet has successfully been Unlocked!

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