Sunday, February 27, 2011

Most Interesting Feature of Windows Phone 7 - Poll by Nokia [Poll Results]

Nokia recently had an Online poll on their Nokia Conversation Blog, This poll was about the most interesting features of WP7 Phones, and they got some amazing results which they have shared with us. Nokia basically want to get most from the WP7 Platform that's why they started this poll to provide the best of the Nokia WP7 Phones.

Here are the Poll results which Nokia got:

So that's a quite interesting Poll they have taken, They included  Xbox Live, Silverlight, Internet Explore and some others choices to choose from. In which people liked the User Interface of WP7 the most. The reason of it's more liking is that the WP7 User Interface (UI) is more unique than iOS or Android. After the UI mostly people liked the "Others" choice and Xbox Games came on third to be more liked. 

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