Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New MacBook Pro Specification Leaked

According to MacRumors, They have received some leaked specs of upcoming MacBook Pros from an trusted sources. These new MacBook Pros are to release on This upcoming Thursday. As the release date of these Macbooks are coming closer we're getting more and more details about it. Most of these specs surprises most of us, as reports say these Macbook Pros will be well equipped with an array SSDs that have greater autonomy and be more mild.

MacBook Pro Leaked Specs:
  • 16 GB Solid State Drives on all models for faster Mac OS X boot times
  • The 13-inch model will include an Intel Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor
  • The 13-inch model will increase the number of USB ports to 3
  • A matte screen option will be available for the high-end 13-inch model
  • The SuperDrive will be replaceable with an SSD on the 15-inch and 17-inch models
  • Better screens on all models: 1440x900 for the 13-inch model and 1680x1050 for the 15-inch model
  • All models will be 200-300 grams lighter
  • All models will have better battery life: the 13-inch model will now last 12 hours and the 15-inch model will now last a full 10 hours
  • The 17-inch model will accommodate up to 8 GB of RAM

The surprising thing is that these leaked specs doesn't mention the Intel's new Technology so called " Light Peak Technology". Intel is set to unveil Light Peak on the same day that the new MacBook Pro models are expected to be released.

We have to wait a few more days for this good news to be unveiled Officially. If the leaked specs are any indication, then we are about to see a significant upgrade to the full line MacBook Pro’s.

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Source: MacRumors


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