Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Next Android OS Will Merge both Honeycomb and Gingerbread in it, Will be called as "Ice Cream"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt during his keynote at the MWC announced that the next major release of Android will be a fusion of Ginger Bread and Honey Comb. The new version will probably called "Ice Cream".

Schmidt made during his keynote little loose on the future of Android, but made some clarification on the current fragmentation on smartphones and tablets. Beginning of December Google released Android Gingerbread for smartphones, and recently presented Android Honeycomb for tablets. According to Schmidt, the next Android release ,these two branches merge.The name of this version is probably Ice Cream Sandwich.

With the unveiling Schmidt confirmed rumors that have long bandied about. With the release of Honeycomb-sdk turned out that the operating system contains functionality to the interface automatically adjust to the size of smartphone screens. Google introduced with Honeycomb a renewed framework for building interfaces by using fragments. These visual elements in an application that can be influenced and controlled separately. These fragments should allow the interface to a single application suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

Schmidt also let us know that Google insists on a release schedule of six months. Last year there was still more time that Google releases Android between individual would have, so manufacturers had more time to make their own software and interfaces to suit. The expectation is that Ice Cream is released around the summer. 

Google may still be released before Ice Cream with an interim version of the mobile OS for smartphones, Android 2.4, according to the rumors, version 2.3 will follow, and include adding support for apps that are made for dual core processors. Version 2.4 will probably be called Gingerbread, left Sony Ericsson Tweakers.net know. Several equipment manufacturers have announced dual-core SOCs: including Samsung showed at the Mobile World Congress know the Galaxy S II to come running on Samsung's own tweekernige Exynos-soc. In addition, LG will soon be out of Optimus 2X, which runs on two Nvidias Tegra processor. 

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