Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nokia will start shipement of their Wp7 Supported Nokia Phones in 2012 [Report]

Nokia has decided not to adopt Microsoft’s current Windows Phone 7 platform, Basically Nokia is waiting for Windows Phone 7 new update release which is Codenamed as “Mango”, and Nokia want their Phones to be Operated by Mango OS. So this means that we won’t see any Wp7 Powered Nokia Phone until the end of October, because Microsoft has said to release “Mango OS’ in October. Nokia doesn’t want to use the current version of the Windows Phone platform in their devices.

Stephen Elop, the former Microsoft executive who since September has been chief executive of Nokia, and announced dramatically last week that Nokia will abandon its market-leading in-house Symbian smartphone platform, has been careful throughout the week to refer to the adoption as Windows Phone – and not Windows Phone 7.
So it’s been finally delayed until the Mango OS is released. Stephen Elop haven’t gave any ETA to the release of their WP7 Powered Phone, He just said that it will be release at the end of 2011
According to Guardian:
Mary Jo Foley, a ZDNet writer who follows Microsoft closely, previously revealed that Mango will be renamed, possibly to Windows Phone 7.5, with Windows Phone 8 following at the end of 2012. But Mango, which adds a number of new features including HTML5 support, is not due until autumn at the earliest.
So this might also be the reason of the Nokia Phone that Until now Microsoft haven’t yet decided the name of their new Operating system, as either Windows Phone 7.5 or as Mango. Guardian further Added:
Elop has been briefed on upcoming Microsoft branding efforts. For example, at the announcement last week Elop did not mention Microsoft’s Zune music platform as one of the benefits of the tieup; he said Microsoft has a “great software platform” in Windows Phone, and the brands that mobile consumers want, “such as Bing, Xbox Live, and Office.”
So neither Elop nor Ballmer mentioned the replacement of Nokia’s Music offering with the Microsoft’s Zune.
Elop has repeatedly refused to offer any timescales for the introduction of Nokia handsets running Windows Phone, saying only that Nokia expects to ship them “in volume” in 2012 and that he expects to sell 150m more Symbian handsets. At current sales rates, that would see the last Symbian handset sold in mid-2012, though a deceleration in sales is highly likely as consumers and mobile retailers discard the old platform.
So with all this discussion of Elop and Ballmer we found that, the arrival of Nokia’s wp7 powered phones will be delayed. When Microsoft was asked about the delaying of Nokia phone cause of Next version of WP7, they replied “We are not giving any guidance on product details, timings, markets, operators at the moment, but we can say we target to deliver significant volume of Nokia Windows Phones in 2012.”

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Bryon Barnard said...

They never said 2011 was the target, but more of a stretch goal. From the beginning they mentioned selling in volume in 2012. If they ship some in 2011... bonus. If not, they've met their objective. Why do you paint this as a delay. Seem irresponsible to say that.

Yousaf Khan said...

This post is mainly about...why Nokia doesn't want WP7 in their devices...why are they delaying, when already an Wp7 is available!!...and also this article tells us what Microsoft and Nokiaare hiding from us..they don't want us to know everything..!

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