Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nokia's most Interesting Facts And Figures [Video]

Nokia was always the best mobile producing company in the world. It never disappointed their users with it's Symbian smartphones. There's a Video down below which has revealed so many things about Nokia, it describes how many mobile phones are used right now around the world and how many of them are connected with the internet. There are lot's of other facts mentioned about Nokia in this Video that describes it completely. This Video is Named as "Nokia Universe".

This Video says everything about Nokia, we've just outlined the main Facts and figures of Nokia from theVideo.

Nokia Facts and Figures:

  • 165.000.000 People Actively uses Nokia Service.
  • Nokia connects people in 190 Countries. 
  • Ovi speaks upto 47 Languages (Fluently)
  • Ovi Maps Provide Free Navigation and Provide upto 30 Million Kilometers of Navigable Roads.
  • Over 100.000.000 Kilometers is driven with Ovi Every Month
  • Ovi Mail users are increasing too over 1 Million per month.
  • 33 Million Emails are sent from Ovi mails every month.
    Ovi Chat has 3 Million Users
  • Users make over 3.000.000 Download a Day from Ovi Store.
You can see the Video below that gives a better view over Nokia's Facts and figures:

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