Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walmart sold an fake iPad and is not refunding back [Video]

Another new day and another story. As you all know about the fake iPads, this stopry is also about that fake iPad sold to a man living in Atlanta, Georgia. And the craziest thing is that this iPad was sold by Walmart. And after it's been found that this iPad is an prop not the actuall iPad, Walmart refused to refund that iPad. This iPad looks the same from outside but it’s hollow inside with a screenshot of the iPad home screen sitting under the fake glass display.

Walamart has refused to refund that iPad, and they blame Apple for this sort of. The local news speculates that somebody purchased an iPad, swapped it with the fake, and returned it. Walmart is blaming Apple since Apple apparently handles the exchanges for the popular reseller’s Apple product sales. The man claims he will be filing a lawsuit against Walmart if the situation does not get properly resolved.
According to a Walmart Spokesman:
We'll continue to investigate Mr.Lemals matter and respond to his claim through the legal process.
 You can see in the video below how this Fake iPad Looks and how it differs from the reael iPad:

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