Monday, February 14, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Integrated with Xbox Kinect - Now Play with your WP7 Phone on Kinect with multiple friends [Video]

Recently today at MWC 2011 Steve Ballmer Keynote, the new feature of Windows Phone 7 has been revealed. And this new feature will be soon available in WP7 Phones in the next OTA(Over the Air) Update. Microsoft has integrated their Windows Phone 7 with the Xbox Kinect. And the good thing is you'll have this feature soon with you on your WP7 Phone. This new feature of WP7 has been demoed in an Video by With this feature you just have to connect your WP7 with the Kinect and here you go have unlimited fun with it.

The game demoed in this video is called as " Rally Ball game". In this video a Windows Phone user has been shown tossing balls to an on-screen character that's controlled by someone else on an Xbox using a Kinect. And another good thing is that multiple WP7 Phones can be connected to a Kinect simultaneously. So with this features in your WP7 Phone there'll be a big party with your friends, it's also a good way to torture your friends into working out from thousands of miles away.\

Here's the Demoed Video of this new feature of WP7 Phone with Kinect:

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