Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player App for Android - Download Now

As Amazon has released their new Cloud Player feature for both Web and Android, and it's already rolling out. So you can now get the Cloud Player for Android Devices. Now Amazon Mp3 App that was already available for Android got the Cloud Player features too. So you now Shop for Music and also download Music from the Amazon Cloud Drive but this feature is available in US Only.

The Amazon MP3 app for Android now includes both the Amazon MP3 store and Amazon Cloud Player (US-only). Shop for music and play music stored on your Android device. In the US version, play or download music stored in Amazon Cloud Drive.


Browse Through Millions of Songs
· Find what you want by searching, browsing genres, or exploring bestsellers
· Choose from over 15 million songs and over a million albums (and growing!)
Save on the Music You Love
· Get the same low prices, special deals, and free music you can find on the Amazon MP3 website
· Check back every day for the Daily Deal and Free Song of the Day (available with the latest version of the application)
· Enter promotional or Amazon.com Gift Card codes directly from the Amazon MP3 application
Play Your Music Anywhere
Introducing Amazon MP3 with Cloud Player. It allows you to immediately sync your music, play it from your device or stream from the cloud, it is simple to use, easy to manage, and releases your music from device space constraints. Start listening right away--your music is automatically available in the Android music player.


You can download Amazon Mp3 with Cloud Player for Android Devices for Free from Amazon.com. Just follow this link from your Android Device and download it for free.

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theapptimes said...

Great features and smart thinking by Amazon. Such a pity that it's only available in the US :(
How soon can we get this in Asia or Europe?

King Khan said...

It is available In Europe...but for Asia it's still not clear!!!

Ramin Streets said...

Great work! Recently, I also came to know that Amazon has released their new cloud player feature for both web and android. This feature allows the user to immediately sync their music, play it from the device or stream from the cloud. Download the new MappStream app for quick music audio podcasting or live band updates and take your music marketing to the next level!""It'sa great tool for broadcasting live local music to your community andthe world!" Click here to find out more! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mappstream/id735066334?mt=8

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