Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Benchmarked - CPU/GPU Performances [Report]

AnandTech has determined the new Apple iPad 2 Benchmarks. According to what they've determined the iPad 2 GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) is the "PowerVR SGX543MP2", which is much more advance and powerful than the "PowerVR GPU" which was found in iPad 1 and iPhone 4. With this new GPU iPad 2 leaves behind both iPad and XOOM.They've found that this new GPU in iPad 2 offers 3-5x the speed in an Simple Geometry Test with the iPad.You can see in the Benchmarked images below, how fast the iPad 2 process Graphics:

Architecturally the 543MP2 has more than twice the compute horsepower of the SGX 535 used in Apple's A4. Each shader pipeline can execute twice the number of instructions per clock as the SGX 535, and then there are four times as many pipes in an SGX 543MP2 as there are in a 535.
Other than the GPU, when iPad 2 was tested against iPad 1 in it's Processing, they've found some amazing results. It showed that the iPad 2 Processing is 4-5x greater than the original iPad.

So with these abilities in iPad 2. Application Developers would now have an Wide chance to create significantly higher graphics quality and performance Apps. Now Apple's also looking forward to integrate the same or better CPU/GPU in their Upcoming devices like iPhone 5 or NeXt Generation iPod Touch.

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