Thursday, March 24, 2011

FireFox 4 Releases and Downloaded Stats

Well, Here is an Very Interesting News For you. As we know that Mozilla released Firefox 4 Yesterday for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Good news for them is that in Just 24 Hours FireFox 4 is downloaded 7.1 Million Times with a rate of 8000 downloads per Minute. Amazing isn't it. While Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.35 Million times after 24 hours of it's release.

These 15 Million downloads are addition to the 3 Millions Users who've already downloaded FireFox RC and then Updated.

FireFox 4 Download Stats:
The FireFox 4 Download stats is really amazing, You can see below the downloads from different regions of the World.

So these were the Stats of FireFox 4 after it's release, and if you haven't yet downloaded FireFox 4 you've never experienced fast and durable Internet, 'cause this new FireFox have got loads and loads of features that will make your Internet Browsing Easy, Fast and Fun.

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