Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guide: How To Use Skype as an Home Security Camera Monitor with iPhone [Tutorial]

This is an very interesting thing that very few people know, Skype can also be used as Home Security camera Monitor but you should know how to, and here we'll tell you how to use it as a Camera Monitor. So if you want to put your eye on someone when you're not  at home or just want to use it as security, you can do it all with your iPhone or iPad 2. And both these device would have an 3G Service, so that you can see it anywhere.

So here are the simple steps that you have to follow:
  • Login to and set up a second Skype account
  • Don’t give anyone this second account ID or allow them to contact it unless you don’t mind them peeping into your house either!
  • Setup the second Skype account on your home Mac or Windows PC in the room you want to be able to look into
  • Set Skype on that PC to automatically answer video calls
  • Open up the Skype app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (logged in on your regular/primary Skype account).
  • Use your primary Skype account on your iOS device to call your second Skype account at home, which will now automatically answer.
  • Watch the video and make sure everything is safe at home.
That was all, now watch the people getting in your house and also keeping an eye on anyone at your house at any time.

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