Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to make an Apple Rumor And Get Profit [InfoGraphic]

Apple Rumors nowadays are one of the most Popular around, there are lots of websites Spreading different Rumors about Apple(Products), as nowadays iPhone 5 is the most rumored. So why you just sit back and watch all these rumors, here we have an really great Infograpgh that will tell you how to make an Apple Rumor(Fake) and get Profit. It's really fun creating an Apple Rumor

We know there are lots of other crappy Apple Rumors around the Internet. But we also being an site that reports about Apple Rumors, We Always try to we try to make sense of and distinguish between the stories that have substance.
This InfoGrapgh was just for Informational Purposes, and this is definitely fun when making an Apple Rumor.

Stay Tuned for more!!!

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