Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to sort Emails in Outlook with 7 Quick and Easy Ways

There are lots of users having trouble sorting out their Emails in Outlook, like their inbox has been filled with huge number of emails and they don't know how to sort out the important ones and throw other to the trash. Mostly your emails in Outlook are un-organized as some of you have color-coded or flagged many of your messages. So here we'll teach you how to organize your emails and sort out the important ones as quick as possible.With Microsoft Outlook 2010 this isn't too hard, look down below how to do it:

How to Sort Emails in Outlook 2010:

There are numerous options through which you can sort your emails, here are some of them:
  1. Sort by Sender
  2. Sort by recipient
  3. Sort by Color Category
  4. Sort by Flags
  5. Sort by Due Date
  6. Sort by Size
  7. Sort by Subject

These sorting options will change the view of your Inbox Emails. these options sort your emails effectively, as in when you select the option Size it'll automatically be sorted by Ascending order or you can also change it to descending by clicking the "Reverse Sort" Button. The same technique is for all the other  sort options.

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