Thursday, March 17, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Hits 2.35 Million Downloads in Just 24 Hours [Report]

So it's a very Good news for Microsoft that their new product has reached 2.35 Million downloads in just 24 Hours. Inter Explorer 9 was released two days ago, and astonishingly it reached 2.35 Million downloads. Microsoft was really happy about this that they have got a big achievement, But this ain't nothing in terms of Browsers Downloads As in 2008 a Guiness World Record was made when FireFox 3 was released and downloaded some 8 Million Times in just 24 Hours.

By the way, Internet Explorer 9 is as good as FireFox, Chrome as it has also got lot's of Features, Speed and durability.
Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive navigation, and many new features that speed up your web browsing experience. Features like Pinned Sites let you pin your favorite website directly to the taskbar for one-click access. Other features, like hardware acceleration, deliver an all-around faster browsing experience. With Internet Explorer 9, websites perform and feel more like the programs you use every day on your PC.
If you haven't got IE9 yet, Click here to Download it.
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