Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad 2 Successfully Jailbroken, Will Soon Be released to Public [Video]

Apple iPad 2 is the latest iOS Device released by Apple on 11th of March, Most of the Hackers started working on this to Jailbreak the New iPad 2, And one of them Got Successful and He's the Reknown iPhone Hacker and Developer Comex. Comex has used a new Exploit in jailbreaking the iPad 2 on iOS 4.3. They couldn't use the old ones because they were patched by Apple. He have created a video of the Jailbroken iPad 2 you can see below:

Comex has remained vey successful in his journey to Jailbreaking iOS devices, as he already released userland jailbreaks such as Spirit and JailbreakMe and now once again he did it.

The Amazing thing you'll like about this jailbreak is that, This iPAd 2 wasn't owned by Comex, it was Chpwn's iPad, and Comex was 2500 Miles away from Chpwn. He Jailbroken the iPad 2 remotely.

@chpwn: by @comex:
@comex: would’ve had it yesterday if I didn’t have to spend 1.5 days looking for a replacement exploit (which came from a most unexpected place…)
@iphone_dev: Congrats to @comex for jailbreaking yet another brand new device (iPad2) while 2500 miles away from it!
Here you can see the Video:

Dev-Team haven't given any ETA yet on the release of this Jailbreak. But we'll keep you updated as soon as it's release.

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