Sunday, March 6, 2011

Samsung to OverHaul "Galaxy Tab 10.1" & also reconsider it's Price, In Competition with iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 has been revealed a few days ago, And it's design and specification has completely amazed all of Apple fans, including the other rival tablet companies, In which one of them is Samsung, and their Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung Executive LeeDon-Joo has now got into competition with the Apple's iPad 2. He spoke to the Korean News agency about the iPad's thinness and it's low price, As these two factors would become obstacles for them.

Executive vice president, Lee Don-joo said that:
"We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate," Lee told Yonhap News Agency. "Apple made it very thin."
Samsung is now going to launch their own 10.1 Inch tablet i.e "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" and according to Lee, Samsung will be reconsidering the price of this tablet, and also they'll have to improve inadequate parts in future tablets.

Samsung's 7 Inch Galaxy Tab, was priced as $900 without any 2 Year contract, while Apple is providing it's most expensive iPad 2 Model for just $829, so this would really effect the market of 7-Inch Galaxy Tab as well as the 10.1 Inch Galaxy Tab. And still we haven't heard any official price of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Inch from Samsung.

So at those of the following points Samsung has to reconsider the prices of their tablets as well as they have to improve it's parts too to get into this Tablet War Competition.

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