Monday, March 14, 2011

Tablet Camera Comparison: iPad 2 vs Xoom, Galaxy Tab

Apple iPad 2 have got some really great specification but it didn't filled the needs of it's users because of it's camera. iPad 2 is released a long time after iPhone 4 and people were expecting that it would have better or equal quality camera like iPhone 4 but it isn't like that. That's why macworld has made a detailed comparison between some of the tablets with the iPad 2. Including Xoom and Galaxy Tab. The result they got were very amazing,You can see them down below.

In this test they have also included the Canon PowerShot S95, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G cameras aswell.

Still Image Quality test:

1. Canon PowerShot S95 (85.6, Very Good)
2. Apple iPhone 4 (66.2, Fair)
3. Motorola Xoom (64.8, Fair)
4. Samsung Galaxy Tab (63.6, Fair)
5. Apple iPod touch (58, Poor)
6. Apple iPad 2 (57.8, Poor)

As you can see the results, iPad 2 has really gone Underwhelming, it scored a Poor against Xoom and Galaxy Tab. This result wasn't enough for them, so they further examined!

Exposure Quality and Color Accuracy test:
iPad 2 did a lttle good in the color accuracy test, but again it failed in the Exposure quality. 

Sharpness and Distortion test:

Video Quality test:
In video quality test, iPad 2 did farely well, placed on 4th number but still behind Xoom.

1. Canon PowerShot S95 (73.2, Good)
2. Apple iPhone 4 (71.6, Good)
3. Motorola Xoom (64.4, Fair)
4. Apple iPad 2 (60.6, Fair)
5. Cisco Flip Video UltraHD (60.4, Fair)
6. Apple iPod touch (58.8, Poor)
7. Samsung Galaxy Tab (58.0, Poor)

So these test have clearly revealed that iPhone 4 camera is uncomparable. iPhone 4 have the best camera among iOS devices.

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[Via Macworld]


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