Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Turn your iPhone into a Tilt-Sensitive Game Controller with TiltPad- Works Almost with any Video Game [Video]

A really great new App has just hit the Apple App store. This new App is named as "TiltPad" which lets you turn your iPhone into a Tilt-Sensitive GameController. This means it increases your gaming experience and make it more fun with Motion Sensitivity. You can use this App on Mac, you just have to download this App for iPhone or iPod Touch and you also have to download Mac OS X utility for this game and you are on the go with Ultimate Fun.

TiltPad turns your iPhone into a motion sensitive game controller. It works with any video game and uses your iPhone's motion sensors to control your gaming via iPhone tilting!
How to Install and use it:
  1. Download from your computer (Mac) TiltPad Server (free) at www.appnea.com/tiltpad.zip.
  2. Connect your iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. If no Wi-Fi is available create one from your computer.
  3. Launch TiltPad both on your computer and iPhone.
  4. Select your computer from your iPhone. Use your iPhone as a mouse vertically and as a "tilt sensitive" remote control in landscape mode.
  5. Adjust your gaming settings in the TiltPad server preference panel.

You can download this App for iPhone and iPod TOuch from iTunes Store for just $1.99, Click here to download. And for Mac Utility Click here to download.(Free)


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