Monday, March 21, 2011

TweetMag 1.1 Released for iPad - Now More Faster and Better Readibility [Download][Video]

TweetMag the Only Twitter based Social Magazine has now got an update to v1.1. This version of TweetMag is now more faster better UI and the readability has increased a lot. This app is specifically built for tablets i.e the iPad 1 and iPad 2. this app is the best way to see your twitter as a Magazine.So why does people prefer TweetMag? It's because it makes it more easy for you to get out of noise that often plagues Twitter, and enter into Beautiful world of Organized News. It even have the categories which twitter don't offer, so that you can catch any breaking News or choose your interest of News.

There are Million of Links Posted on twitter everyday, and behind those links there are Articles, Images, Videos and Breaking stories on every topic Imaginable. TweetMag helps you explore this content by filtering it into beautiful simple magazines. And these magazines can be curated by who you follow.Blogs, other People, companies, lists or searches you find interesting. 
It takes discovery further by letting you see the TweetMag of anyone you like. Just tap on a username, load their mag and you’ll instantly see the articles and videos they’ve been tweeting about. TweetMag also lets you save as many favourites as you like. Just tap, hold and drag them to your rack for easy access from anywhere inside the app.

  • Explore your own TweetMag based on the people you follow
  • Search hashtags and lists to explore content outside of your network
  • Browse curated TweetMags and trending terms
  • Full articles stream into the application and can be tweeted, emailed, added as favourites or marked for reading
  • Play video seamlessly from feeds
  • Related tweets can be viewed and interacted with in context of articles
  • Add any TweetMag to a rack that’s accessible with one simple swipe

Featured Video:

TweetMag 1.1 is available in the Appstore for iPad at $2.99. Click here to download it for you.

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