Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Evolution of Web from Text Based sites to Modern Websites [Infographic]

It's really interesting to know how the Web looked 20 Years ago and how it is today. The history of Internet and Web is so interesting to learn about. Tim Berners-Lee was the first person who created the First website in 1991. It was just a simple text based website, at that time no one knew what is an website. But slowly as it get improved it became famous among users, and till the present day it's still improving to give users the best experience of Internet Browsing.
Here we have an Infograph created by KISSmetrics, This infograph will tell you the history of Web from the Starting till today. So check out the Infograph to know how it improved and wellformed:
This Infograph due to it's large size has been compressed, to see it clearly click on the Image

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