Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Microsoft's Employee Built an real Cockpit at Home, Running Flight Simulator X [Video]

One of the Microsoft's Employee, Basically a Manager at Microsoft named Salvador Patuel has created an real Cockpit at his home using his Technical Skills. The Cockpit he has created is of Boeing 737. So when you run it really feels like you're flying an Boeing 737. Here's some History About this Cockpit and the creator:
Salvador Patuel, a Principal Application Development Manager in the UK, has spent the past three years creating the Boeing 737 cockpit. Patuel uses the cockpit to fly planes using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X software. The Microsoft manager obtained a private pilot license 15 years ago and has flown multi turbo-prop engines and several simulated jet planes. Patuel used his skills from his day job as a Microsoft development manager to create the necessary software for the hardware to talk to Flight Simulator X.
“That was the interesting part, as I am a software developer I had all the necessary skills. I started developing all the software by myself, reading real Boeing 737 manuals with more technical drawings than the space shuttle (trust me!) I coded the aircraft logic as I was just using the 737 models in flight simulator,” he says in a Channel 9 post describing the cockpit.
Check out the Video Below:

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