Monday, April 25, 2011

Next Generation iPhone Leaked in Images?

MIC Gadget has posted some images of the Next Generation iPhone. Which they call it the new iPhone 4S. That's right they cal it iPhone 4S because recently we got report about Game Developers creating Next Generation iPhone Apps on the new A5 Powered iPhone 4s. But it was also rumored that iPhone 5 would have an larger screen so they Images that has been leaked suggests that we should call it the iPhone 5.

We would believe this as an True Image of iPhone 5, because it was already Rumored that iPhone 5 will have an 4-Inch Display,  Will be Edge-to-Edge, and will be 3.7 Inches in Size, And the Images Leaked fulfill these perspectives.
Other than that the Image also shows the white iPhone bezel with Apple’s new proximity sensor.

Comparison Image Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

iPhone 5 will be releasing in June as Reported.

There's a still lot to about the new iPhone 5 or iPhone $s, We'll know when we get more, and we'll Provide it to you too. Stay Tuned!

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