Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nokia Introducing the New Ovi Maps 3D [Video]

Nokia has now finally announced their new Ovi Maps 3D, Which gives you the realistic view of the World in 3D. These new 3D Maps gives you feel of that place, and you can see exactly what it really look like. Nokia has partnership with C3 Technologies to bring you the best experience. Nokia has added 20 cities with 3D Modeling and more will be added in Future.

C3 uses modern camera equipment to capture as many as one image per second of the same object from up to 100 different angles. The images are then used to automatically reproduce the shape of the objects with very high accuracy. After that, an image processing software automatically drapes each shape with the texture chosen from the pictures of each object. The same process is being applied for all objects – buildings, houses, trees, and hills – the result is a seamless canvas of 3D-data where the resolution (8 to 12 centimeters per pixel) and quality is consistent over the entire model. This is the secret to C3 maps’ realistic look compared to competitors’ hand-made and cartoonish appearance.
Following are the Cities which are right now available in 3D Models in Ovi Maps, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague and Vienna. The streets in downtown can be seen in London, San Francisco, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen.

See the 3D Maps yourself:
Here Nokia has provided the Demo of these 3D Maps you can Experience it here.

Theser 3D maps aren't yet available for Mobile but it is expected to be released soon for Mobile Phones.

Here the Demo Vidoe of Nokia Ovi Maps 3D:

And you can also see here the Video of C3 Technologies Demoes the Ovi Maps 3D

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