Friday, April 1, 2011

Skype Wants Users to Create them a "Chat Style", For the Next Version of Skype [You can also Participate]

Skype has now started an competition like event, In which they want their users to create the best Chat Style for the next version of Skype i.e Skype 5.0 for Mac. This is an open source competition any one can participate, you Just have to create the best Chat Style, Submit it, and if People and Judges liked it. Then you might win a Grand Prize and the Chat Style that won the Grand Prize will be integrated in their Latest Skype 5.0 for Mac.

So this is like our Favorite VoIP app is asking their users to make them better, and to improve the UI according to their users choice. This is an simple competition, Just Submit your custom created CSS for Chat and Submit it to Skype before 8th April.

So there are three Rounds in this Competition, with one judge's and one people's choice in each, followed by the selection of a grand prize winner from the six finalists.
The Winner with People's Choice will get an Apple Tv.
The Winner with the Judges choice will win an Wifi iPad2.
The Grand Prize Winner will get an eleven-inch MacBook Air, an iPad2 and his custom created CSS for Chat will be added in their next version of Skype.
(All the winners get a copy of CSS3 for Web Designers and a year's subscription to Skype Unlimited World Extra)

Getting Started:
Get started Now, and create the best Chat Style for Skype to Win. For More Information and Details Visit Skype.

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