Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tablets are mostly used for Gaming [Survey]

According to survey done by Google Admob, They have found that 84% of the Tablet owners use it for Gaming purpose only. This was a Wide survey by Googe through which they have got some interesting results, which they shared with us. Other than Gaming Tablet owners also take interest in Emailing, Music, Videos and Ebook. But the Highest percentage of use among these was Gaming.

According to the
"According to the survey (PDF), 84% of tablet owners play games, ahead of even searching for information (78%), emailing (74%) and reading the news (61%). 56% of tablet owners use social networking services on their device, while 51% consume music and/or videos, and 46% read ebooks. ... The survey found that 38% of respondents spend more than two hours a day using their tablets, while another 30% spend 1-2 hours. It appears that tablets are predominantly domestic devices, with 82% of people primarily using their tablets at home, versus 11% who say they are used primarily on the go, and 7% who said at work. 28% of respondents say their tablet is now their primary computer, while 43% say they spend more time using their tablet than they do their desktop or laptop computer."

More than 1400 Tablet owners were surveyed by Google Admob and the results are above as you can see.

So if you're also an Tablet owner, so why don't you just leave a comment and let us know for which purpose you use the tablet most!!!

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