Sunday, April 17, 2011

Upload 720p Videos Driectly from your iPhone with True HD

There are many Youtube Users, Who upload tons of videos from their PC. So they would be wondering if there's any way they can upload HD videos directly from their iPhone 4. Basically, It's possible with True HD. Whenever an iPhone users upload an Video from their Device, the usual change they see in the video is dropping of Quality, So the upload from iPhone reduce the Video quality to save internet bandwidth usage. But True HD Allows you to Upload the Video, without any restriction of size, and the Quality of the video will remain same.

True HD is basically an Cydia Tweak, When installed it removes the restriction from your iPhone 4 of Compress the Video files or limited upload size file. This means, According to Youtube requirement you'll be able to Upload upto 10 Minutes or 900 Mb of Videos directly from your iPhone 4. Not just Youtube it also Supports Twitter, Facebook, MobileMe and many others.

So this is an great tweak for users who need to upload 720p videos, but don’t always have their computer with them.

It is important to note that this will obviously increase upload times, as file sizes will undoubtedly be larger. This may also be a red flag to users who don’t have unlimited data plans with their wireless carriers.

You can find this Tweak in Cydia. Just search for "True HD" and Install it. Once Install, it will be activated means you won't be able to see any any icon on HomeScreen. Just use your iPhone normally to Upload Videos, your Videos will now be uploaded in it's Original Shape in HD.

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