Monday, May 9, 2011

Apple has now Got the Tittle of Most Valuable Brand, Valued at $153 Billion [Report]

Apple has got so much success Now, that yet there's no company that can compete with it. Recently we've Reported that Apple's Quarterly Profit got more than Microsoft (That's Amazing), Apple has got the lead after 20 years from Microsoft in Quarterly Profits. And this Time it's not Just Microsoft, Apple has left behind all the Companies this time. Apple is Now the Most Valuable Brand around. According to new Reports from Global Brands Agency, Apple is finally valued at $153 Billion. And Interestingly It has got the lead from Google.

Apple has got this much success because of Amazing Marketing of their Products liek iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, iMacs etc. Apple has got so much profit from their Products that it make them the Most Valuable brand leaving Google behind.
Google was the Most Valuable Company since last 4 years, But in 2011 the Reign of Google came to an End.
Peter Walshe, global brands director of Millward Brown, says Apple’s meticulous attention to detail, along with an increasing presence of its gadgets in corporate environments, have allowed it to behave differently from other consumer-electronics makers.  
“Apple is breaking the rules in terms of its pricing model,” he told Reuters by telephone. “It’s doing what luxury brands do, where the higher price the brand is, the more it seems to underpin and reinforce the desire.”
Here's the List of most Valuable Brands/Companies for 2011 till now:
  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. IBM
  4. McDonalds
  5. Microsoft
  6. Coca Cola
  7. At&t
  8. Marlbolo
  9. China Mobile
  10. General Electric
Other than That, Facebook is palced at 35th Rank valued at  $19.1.

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