Tuesday, May 3, 2011

iPhone Hack enables you to Play Multiplayer Kinect Game [Video]

As we know there are loads and Loads of kinect hacks that makes it real fun to play with. Recently many developers have created really interesting Hacks for Kinect which increase the Usage of Kinect and also make it fun too. So with that same concept another Developer from Singapore named Rockmoon has tried something new with Kinect and iPhone. He has created a game prototype that allows two players to steer a vehicle in a 3D environment on screen, and shoot the vehicle’s gatling gun the same time using a custom iPhone app.

The Demo video of this new Hack with iPhone and Kinect has been posted below. While playing that game with both iPhone and Kinect, One player use the iPhone to control Guns and the Other player Drives with Kinect Movement.
This is Just an Demo Game created for this Purpose, But some High Graphics game can also be created if this idea goes perfect.

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