Saturday, May 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Details and Trailer Video Leaked [Images]

Kotaku has reported about the new Update in Modern Warfare series that is, They have got some Information about the New Modern Warfare 3. And they have also got an short Trailer Video of this new Game. The Expected release date for MW3 is November 8th 2011. But they have already got some details about the Game.
Once Again, There will be a whole new Experience in new Places, Better Weapons and Modern War Equipments. According to Kotaku, This new Call Of Duty: MW3 will have an story designed to tie up loose ends left by the previous games.

Details About the New Call Of Duty: Modern WarFare 3:

New Characters:

As it's a New Version, So there will definitely be some New Characters(Soldiers) Merged With the Old Ones.

New Weapons:
Modern Warfare has a Big Range of New Weapons that will help you in your Mission to Accomplish Successfully.

New Places:
As we have told you, There will be a lot more this time To Discover.Modern Warfare 3 will feature 15 missions the game will start with invasion of Russians force on Manhattan, New York etc.

All New Multiplayer experience:

Yes, You will also be able to Play MW 3 Multiplayer, There are Around 21 Multiplayer Maps on which you can play.

Teaser Trailer Video:

here we have an Short Trailer Video for Modern Warfare 3, It doesn't actually show the gameplay but Some story of the Game has been reflected in this Trailer, Check it out:

Stay Tuned with Us, We'll update you more when we get more!!

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