Monday, May 16, 2011

New Features of Upcoming Windows Phone "Mango" Update - Facebook Chat Office 365, Group Messaging, Xbox integration & more

Windows Phone Dev Podcast has recently got some ScreenShots of the new Windows Phone 7 Mango Update. They have shared those screenshots with us. All of these new Screenshots which they have revealed, Shows new features of this Mango Update. And these new Features Include Facebook Chat Office 365, Group Messaging, Xbox integration and much more. Other than that, Some extra features like "Automatic Sync" option, a totally Revamped Game Hub, and the ability to show Songs that are being currently playing on the Lock Screen. Check out more details below:

Here are what the Leaked screenshots shows:

1: Facebook Chat Integration:

Facebook chat integration along with Windows Live Messenger in Messaging Hub.

2: Office 365:

As Microsoft promised, Office 365 support is coming to Windows Phone along with Skydrive and Sharepoint integration.
3: Game Hub:

Games/Xbox  Hub gets an overhaul with some Sync options found under settings page.

4: Group Messaging:

Group Messaging: You will be able to create  groups of contacts and either text or email the group.

5: LockScreen:

Lockscreen will now show Now Playing item.

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